What Others Have Said About Rhea

mailbox-clipart-mailbox_01_Vector_ClipartRhea, Thank you for all that you do with the Women’s NetWork!  God is certainly using you and these women to change the Cathedral. I love the idea that you help these women find healing, wholeness, ministry, and mission.
–Dr. Jim Poit, Executive Pastor

Dear Rhea,
Wow! Thank you for the wonderful ways you touched our conferees. It was an amazing experience for so many people. What you added to our conference was the element of helping others really know how to get to the heart of matters.
–The Care and Kindness Committee

Words could never adequately express what your speaking did for the women of First Baptist Church, Houston. Our women are still talking about the impact of your words. One woman said, “I will never be the same.”
–Carole Lewis, Associate Pastor

clip-art-telephone-230811Even after three weeks, we are still feeling the energy and love that came to us and to all who attended the “Time for Connecting” Workshop. It was truly a highlight for our church. We were blessed by your presence and the Holy Spirit that accompanied you.
–Al Hopkins, Lay Leader, Los Altos United Methodist Church, Los Altos, CA

The Prayer Laboratory was profound! I think I learned more in these three hours than in many years of going to church! I feel reconnected to God and have inner peace. Thank you, Rhea.
–Retreat attendee, Hawaii District United Methodist Women’s Spiritual Life Retreat

Rhea, Thank you for stretching us beyond our comfort zone. It was such a blessing to see the Holy Spirit moving in each and every one of us. We expect to see God do some great things as a result of what we learned this weekend. Thank you for your example of faithfulness.
–Brenda Morgan, Coordinator of First Presbyterian Women’s Retreat, Corvallis, OR

chutzpah-clipart-0511-0902-0902-4541_Happy_African_American_Woman_Dancing_clipart_imageThe evening was extraordinarily successful. You touched a deeper core among those able to receive your phenomenal message – through your twin gifts of remarkable communications skills and your inordinately special humanness. You truly represent the essence of what teaching is all about!
–Elaine Haglund, Ph.D. Professor, California State University, Long Beach, CA

I have just listened for probably the 2000th time to my tapes of your presentations at the Crystal Cathedral International Conference! That conference was a turning point in my life. I cannot thank you enough for sharing your experience in your unique humble personal manner.
–Chris Josey, Attendee of International Women’s Conference, Garden Grove, CA