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The Ungame


“The world’s most popular communication game”
Over 4 million sold – Translated into 14 languages

In today’s fast paced lifestyle, the Ungame creates the perfect setting to bring back simple communication into our lives, strengthening the bonds in all of our relationships. Adults and children, families and friends – everyone enjoys the Ungame‘s FUN format of asking and answering questions that help people really get to know one another.

Pocket Ungames


Eight exciting versions (each containing two decks of question cards ranging from light-hearted to more serious)

All Ages: Great fun for intergenerational groups and parties.
Families: Get to really know the people you live with!
Teens: Questions submitted by teens. For 13 and up.
Kids: Fun story questions created by elementary children.
Couples: Counselors and pastors were asked to submit these.
20 Somethings: Topics young people want to talk about. Great for college dorms.
Seniors: Large print questions take you down memory lane.
Christian: Excellent for any church gatherings and Bible study.

Ways to Use The Ungame

Make checks payable and send orders to:
Rhea Zakich
555 E. Memory Ln Unit D-312
Santa Ana, CA 92706

Out of Your Mind

OOYM photo

From the Orange County Register:
New Board Game Implores Players to Listen

Announcing Rhea’s newest communication game, Out of Your Mind! A game guaranteed to draw wonderful, creative and surprising things out of your mind and the minds of others. Players will use their Imagination, tap into their Memories, make Choices, and share Feelings, as they move around the game board. Rhea teamed up with Nadine Lovell, a clinical psychologist, and Franklin Rubenstein, Ph.D. to combine activities Rhea has used for years in her workshops and retreats.

OOym 007

Adventures in a Laboratory of Prayer

Prayer Lab Book

This spiral bound book contains 25 experiments that will change the way you experience prayer. These Prayer Laboratory experiments are designed to enable people to learn first-hand that God is alive and wants to be a part of their lives, and He will reveal Himself if we take the time to stop, look, and listen. “Do you limit your prayer life to “talking to God” and sometimes even “telling God what to do?”

Do you know that you have access to divine guidance through meditation, body movement, art forms, dreams, and imagination? These are all gifts from God that many are not using.

I encourage you to …
· Dare to listen for God
· Discover His many languages
· Risk following His guidance!

“You can learn to do that with this book” — Rhea Zakich

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God is Speaking in Your Dreams

Dream Booklet 3

We dream every night. Everyone does, whether we remember the dream or not. Dreams offer windows to the soul and take us far beyond the world of logic. They are like a private movie, showing areas of our lives that need improvement or are in neglect.

From Genesis to Revelation in the Bible, dreams and visions are regarded as one way, perhaps the most important way God spoke to man.

Over the years, Christianity has lost touch with dreams and allowed other things to be more important than our relationship with God.

Everybody Wins

Everybody Wins

Everybody Wins, the powerful and poignant story of how the Ungame was born. Rhea shares how she lost her voice and was told by doctors that she might never be able to speak again when her children were in elementary school. You’ll walk with her as she develops a very intimate relationship with God by learning to listen to His step by step guidance. It’s the story of a triumph over tragedy, or powerful prayers and ultimate healing.

Heart Talk


Rhea shares some simple, yet profound ideas and techniques that will help you communicate more effectively with those around you.

Learn the difference between Head Talk and Heart Talk and when to use these important languages to connect with others.

It will change the way you relate to others and the way they relate to you!

Make checks payable and send orders to:
Rhea Zakich
555 E. Memory Ln Unit D-312
Santa Ana, CA 92706