Prayer Laboratories

Rhea LabWebster’s definition of a laboratory:
A place for scientific experimentation or research, a place where theories, techniques, and methods are tested, analyzed and demonstrated.

A Prayer Laboratory is a time and place where Christians gather to…

  • EXPERIENCE the presence of God and the guidance of the Holy Spirit
  • EXAMINE Biblical accounts of Jesus’ ministry
  • EXPERIMENT with a variety of forms of prayer
  • EXPLORE prayer as dialogue
  • EVALUATE the results
  • EXPECT to be transformed.

In a Prayer Laboratory, each participant is an active ingredient.
When everything is combined, there will be revelation and transformation.

What You Can Expect from a Prayer Laboratory:

  • To meet Jesus in an intimate way
  • To discover 30 ways God may speak to you
  • To experiment with 20 ways to pray
  • To be stretched by learning from those whom God draws together.
  • To experience the Body of Christ
  • To taste Kingdom Living

Prayer Lab BookIn a Prayer Laboratory, we experiment with prayer postures and methods, noting that the way Jesus prayed was always customized to the person and situation. By studying the scriptural accounts of Jesus, we notice that although Jesus demonstrated a variety of ways to minister to those in need, in ONE way he was absolutely consistent. Jesus always looked to his Father and did what the Father told him. “The Son can do nothing on his own; he does only what he sees his Father doing.” (John 5:19). “….and speaks only God’s words.” (John 3:34) Jesus also said, “If you have seen ME, you have seen the Father.” (John 14:9)

So the most important thing we learn in a Prayer Laboratory is to LOOK to Jesus (who is looking to God), LISTEN for guidance from Jesus and then RISK acting out what we receive. Miracles will happen!

This dynamic experience will be led by Rhea Zakich, Spiritual Director,  Author, Teacher, member of the Association of Christian Therapists and author of the Ungame.

My hope and prayer is that people will be sent into the world healed and empowered to be confident in their guidance, strong in their faith, adventurous in their witness, and contagious with the love of Jesus as they become channels through which God can work.